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Juggling Lessons

From beginners to experts, private classes to team building classes, Yuki has it all covered.
Alongside years of performance, Yuki has shared his passion of juggling through classes and workshops around the globe. The lessons are cater to each student/occasion to maximize efficiency 
of improvement and fun. Some of his former students has moved onto becoming professionals themselves in the field. 

Acting & Drama Classes
Team Building Excersice

A series of fun exercises and games using juggling and clowning to connect with yourself and colleagues. The workshops focuses on dropping expectation and create a safe environment for people to be silly and be creative with each other.

Singing & Dance
Hand - Eye Connection

Throwing is not your forte? Don't worry. 

This workshop consists of handling the ball by placing it either into a hand or on the table. 

The goal of the workshop is to have fun playing with symmetrical and rhymical pattern with a group of people.

Yuki Juggling Mixed Media - Credit Gabriel Martins - 20211002 - 014.jpg
Acting & Drama Classes

Planning to incorporate objects into your dance, theatre and/or music? Or are you simply a juggler looking for help organizing your act?
This workshop helps create the reasoning behind the "whys" of object manipulation as a medium of expression and helps guide your performance to another level. 

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